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The Tour d'Azerbaidjan organisation is pleased to announce that a strong field of six Pro Continental team and 17 Continental teams will line up at this year's tour, starting on 3 May in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku.
Having recently announced the launch of the 2017 dates for the Tour d'Azerbaidjan, the organisation would like to take this opportunity to invite a selection of the media to the race. Starting on May 3 and running until May 7, the race gives you, the media, plenty of opportunity to realise the various angles needed to create news and stories, capturing the race and the country itself.
The Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan is proud to announce that the UCI 2.1 Tour d’Azerbaidjan stage race returns again for its sixth edition in 2017, with the five-day race taking place between 3 and 7 May 2017, starting and finishing in the Azeri capital, Baku.
ViewEditTrackTranslateDevel Tour d’Azerbaïdjan - the best competition of 2016 Printer-friendly version As the best competition ever the "Tour d'Azerbaidjn 2016" was awarded with the "Zafar" prize issued by the Association of Azerbaijan Sport Journalists (ASJA), Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) and Sportsman magazine.


The Republic of Azerbaijan is located between 44° and 52° East longitude, 38° and 42° North latitude, and the capital Baku is situated on the 40th paralel. Several routes of international significance leading from Europe to Central and Eastern Asia countries pass through Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Republic with its unique geopolitical and geograpihical position is situated on the junction of Europe and Asia and since ancient times has been maintaining its importance for secular economic and cultural relations. Azerbaijan Republic has a very diverse relief. Two major relief forms: plains and mountains prevail in Azerbaijan. Mountains cover 60% of the total area of Azerbaijan. The average altitude (height) of the republic is up to 400 meters. The geographical position, relief and the Caspian Sea have a significant impact on the climate of Azerbaijan. Semidesert, arid steppe, subtropic, moderate and cold climatic conditions are observed in this region. 9 out of 11 climate zones existing in the world are present in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan accounts for 8400 small and large rivers.

The territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan has a rich flora. Almost all known plant species enountered in the world are spread throughout the relatively small territory of the country. Azerbaijan is situated on the junctions of several zoogeographical provinces with specific fauna complexes. Some animal species originated in neighboring countries - Iran, Central Asia, Mediterranian countries have been adapted to the local conditions and significantly enriched the fauna of the country. The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed water basin in the world and is of great importance for Azerbaijani people with its unique physical and geographical properties. It is enough to note that the flora and fauna of the Caspian Sea is rich in endemic species. Thus, 90% of the total sturgeon resources varying from other fish species with its antiquity, are mostly concentrated in this sea. Azerbaijan’s advantageous economic-geographical position provides it with favorable condition for the development of different kinds of tourism . Azerbaijan is situated on the junction of two world civilizations, in the heart of Transcaucasian transport corridor where all infrastructures are concentrated- air and sea transportations, highways and other transportation routes linking Europe with Caucasian and Central Asian countries.

Azerbaijan has huge potensial for tourism development and due to this potentialty Azerbaijan receives millions of visitors per year from different countries of the world. All kinds of tourism facilities - hotels, guest houses, and different restaurants operate in Baku, Gabala, Sheki, Gusar, Ismayilli, Oghuz, Nakhchivan, Shamakhi, Khachmaz, etc. considered tourism centers of Azerbaijan. In addition, there are numerous health-resorts in Azerbaijan. On this point Naftalan resortis popular among tourists. Shahdag Winter-Summer Tourism Complex in Gusar has unique opportunities for the winter tourism in Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, the capital city Baku attracts the attention of tourists with its ancient hositorical monuments. Ichari Shahar (Inner City), Shirvanshahs’ Palace, Maiden Tower, museums, art galleries are of great interest for foreign tourists visiting Azerbaijan. The luxurious 5-star hotels located in Baku offer guests high-quality services ensuring their entertainment. Baku located on the coast of the Caspian Sea opened up great opportunities for the development of beach tourism. Due to the great number of sunny days in Azerbaijan the beach season endures from May to the end of September. Beach hotel and leisure facilities located alongside the Caspian Sea shore are the most popular tourist attractions for both local and foreign visitors.

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