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The Tour d'Azerbaidjan organisation is pleased to announce that a strong field of six Pro Continental team and 17 Continental teams will line up at this year's tour, starting on 3 May in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku.
Having recently announced the launch of the 2017 dates for the Tour d'Azerbaidjan, the organisation would like to take this opportunity to invite a selection of the media to the race. Starting on May 3 and running until May 7, the race gives you, the media, plenty of opportunity to realise the various angles needed to create news and stories, capturing the race and the country itself.
The Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan is proud to announce that the UCI 2.1 Tour d’Azerbaidjan stage race returns again for its sixth edition in 2017, with the five-day race taking place between 3 and 7 May 2017, starting and finishing in the Azeri capital, Baku.
ViewEditTrackTranslateDevel Tour d’Azerbaïdjan - the best competition of 2016 Printer-friendly version As the best competition ever the "Tour d'Azerbaidjn 2016" was awarded with the "Zafar" prize issued by the Association of Azerbaijan Sport Journalists (ASJA), Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) and Sportsman magazine.



The Tour d‘Azerbaijan 2017 is organized by the Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan (Adress: Moscow ave. 3007, 1102 Baku, Аzerbaijan) under the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI). It is to be held from Wednesday, 3rd May to Sunday, 7th May 2017 and includes 5 stages.


The event is open to athletes of the Men Elite and Under 23 categories.

The event is entered on the UCI Europe Tour calendar and is registered as a Class 2.1 event.

In conformity with the UCI rules, points are awarded as follows for the UCI ranking Continental Men Elite and Under 23: final classification 125 – 85 – 70 – 60 – 50 – 40 – 35 – 30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 points, stages 14 – 5 – 3 points and wearing the race leader’s jersey 3 points per stage.


As per article 2.1.005 of the UCI regulations, the event is open to the following teams: UCI ProTeams (max 50%), UCI Professional Continental Teams, UCI Continental Teams, National Teams.

As per article 2.2.003 of the UCI regulations, teams must consist of 6 riders. Without prejudice to article 1.2.053, no team may start with less than 4 riders.

Through the involvement and/or participation at the event of each team, each team member and all accredited personnel in general hereby accept all the provisions of this regulation and agree to abide by them.


The race headquarters shall be open prior the event at the following dates and times:

1st May 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

2nd May 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

and is located at:

Hotel Badamdar Baku,

Mushfig Street 1c, Baku, AZ 1006

Phone: +994 (12) 5 38 90 90,

Fax: +994 (12) 5 39 90 91




Phone: +994 77 4197303 : en

Phone: +994 77 4197313 : az, ru


Team representatives are requested to confirm their starters and collect their race numbers at the headquarters from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Tuesday 2nd May.

The team managers’ meeting, organized in accordance with article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires’ Panel, is scheduled for Tuesday 2nd May, 8:00 pm. It will be held at the race headquarters at Hotel Badamdar, Conference Room.

All persons following the race on a motorcycle, a representative of the television broadcaster, police and the commissaires’ panel are requested to come to the Organisers briefing (in accordance with article 2.2.034 bis) from 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm on Tuesday 2nd May. It will be held in Hotel Badamdar.


Race information will be broadcast in English on the following frequency:

UHF 450.1250 MHz / 460.1250 MHz.


The technical support service is handled by Gruppo Servizio Corse Bergamo, Italia.

The neutral support is taken care of by means of 3 cars.


Stages 1, 3, 5:

Any rider finishing in a time exceeding that of the stage winner by more than 10% shall not be placed.

Stage 2:

Any rider finishing in a time exceeding that of the stage winner by more than 15% shall not be placed.

Stage 4:

Any rider finishing in a time exceeding that of the stage winner by more than 22% shall not be placed.

The time limit may, in exceptional circumstances, be increased by the commissaires’ panel in agreement with the organizer.


Articles 2.6.027 (3-km-rule) shall not apply where the finish is at the top of a hill-climb. A stage with finish at the top of a hill-climb for the application with article 2.6.029 is stage 4 on 6th May. Every discussion regarding the qualifications “at the top of a hill-climb” and “before the climb” will be decided by the commissaires’ panel.


No time bonuses will be awarded.


The following classification(s) will be issued:


The individual general classification on time is established by adding up the times recorded on the stages, taking into account any time penalties – Article 2.6.014 of UCI. No time bonuses will be awarded.

In the event that two or more competitors are equal on time, their positions are decided by adding up their placings on each stage. There is no time trial or prologue, so that no fractions of seconds can be added to the total time in order to separate the riders. As a final resort, their placings in the latest stage are considered (according to the UCI article 2.6.015). The leader of the individual classification on time wears a blue leader’s jersey.


The classification on points is established by adding the points obtained in stage 1 to 5 and for intermediate sprints. Points are assigned for stage 1 to 5 for the first 15 riders: 30 – 25 – 22 – 20 – 18 – 16 – 14 – 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 points and at each intermediate sprint: 5 - 3 - 2 points.

Article 2.6.017 of the UCI regulations is applied in the case of a tie in the overall ranking by points. The leader of the points classification wears the green jersey.


Points for mountain prizes will be awarded as follows:

Category HC: 18 – 15 – 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 points to the first 8 riders

Category 1: 10 – 7 – 5 – 3 – 1 points to the first 5 riders

Category 2: 5 – 3 – 2 – 1 points to the first 4 riders

Category 3: 3 – 2 – 1 points to the first 3 riders

An overall ranking is determined by adding the points obtained in mountain prizes. Article 2.6.017 of the UCI regulations is applied in the case of a tie in the overall ranking of the mountains classification. The leader of the mountain classification wears the red jersey.


The classification is reserved for riders which are under 23 years old (to be born 1995 and younger). The best Young rider in the general classification by time wears the white jersey.


The team classification on each day is established by adding the three best individual times from each team. The general team classification is established by adding the three best individual times from stage 1 to 5. Article 2.6.016 of the UCI regulations is applied in the case of a tie.


A grand total of 66,675 EUR will be awarded in prize money at the event. Please see the prize scale on the following page for details.

The prize money will be paid to the team managers on Sunday 7th May 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the race office in Hotel Badamdar Baku.


The UCI antidoping regulations are entirely applicable to the event.

The anti-doping tests will take place at:

1st stage: Sumgayit Theatre, City Square

2nd stage: Ismayilli Town Hall

3rd stage: Gabala Town Hall

4th stage: Pirgulu Tedris Merkezi

5th stage: Freedom Square

The organisation and all participating teams consider as an absolute necessity strict compliance with rules and recommendations issued by the authorities in the fight against doping and the obligation to observe impeccable conduct in this regard. Participating teams undertake to apply these rules and recommendations and will be fully responsible for the strict compliance by their riders and by all employees and contractors. Anti-doping control will be carried out under the authority of the UCI by designated officials, upon arrival of each stage at the location mentioned in the technical guide.


In accordance with article 1.2.112 of the UCI rules, the following riders must attend the official awards ceremony:

the first 3 of the stage

the leaders of the following classifications: individual classification by time, points classification, mountain classification, best young rider

The riders will present themselves at the podium in a time limit of maximum 5 minutes after crossing the finish line. The leader of the general individual classification and the stage winner must attend the press conference, right after the awards ceremony.

Moreover, at the general finish of the event, the following riders must also present themselves at the final awards ceremony:

the first 3 of the event

the winners of the following classifications: points classification, mountain classification, best young rider, team classification

At least 4 riders of the winner of team classification with the team manager must attend the official awards ceremony. The winners of the general individual classification, points classification, mountain classification and the best young rider must attend the press conference, right after the final awards ceremony.


The UCI penalty scale is the only one applicable.


In races of the UCI continental circuits of the classes 2.1, a second team car per team is allowed, except in circuit races and on final circuits. In any cases, the article 2.2.035 does apply. During the first stage, the order shall be determined by drawing lots. For the following stages, the driving order shall be determined according to the position of the first rider of each team in the general individual time classification. The car stickers for the driving order of the next day will be distributed in the evening together with the stage result. Every team is asked to collect its envelope at the hotel reception.


The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in – or exclude from – the event, to any team or one of its members, whose presence would be likely to damage the image and/or the organizer‘s reputation and/or race. In addition, the organizer may disqualify or exclude from any team or one of its members, in the following cases:

violation of the rules of the event, including those concerning the internal discipline to the event (rules concerning accommodation, driving),

serious breach of Azerbaijani law,

vandalism during the race or outside of the race,

indecent or inappropriate behaviour,

any other act or fact which would be likely to damage the image and/or reputation of the organiser and/or race.


The race doctor usually follows the peloton. In the event of a need, the doctor‘s car is called upon via Radio-Tour and instructed to come to the front. If the doctor’s car is called to come to the front, the other vehicles must absolutely respect free overtaking area on the left side of the road which is reserved for this movement according to the UCI schema of race convoy. The race doctor is stand-by 30 minutes after the race. Outside the race team managers may call upon the services of the race doctor.

The following clinics or hospitals are situated at the course:


The Central Hospital of Neftchilar (Oil Workers)

AZ 1025 Baku, Yusif Safarov Street 17,

Phone +994 12 490 1120

Clinical Center of Medicine

AZ 1078 Baku, Mir-Gasimov Street 1,

Phone: +994 12 495 5350


Shamakhi Diagnostic Treatment Center | Şamaxı Müalicə Diaqnostika Mərkəzi

AZ5600 Shamakhi City, Seyid Azim Shirvani Street,

Phone: +994 2026 5 02 -84 /-85 /-86

İsmayilli Regional Central Hospital | İsmayilli Rayon Nərkəzi Xəstəxanası

AZ3100 İsmayilli City, Mirza Fatali Akhundov 69,

Phone: +994 2028 5 01 30 -57 /-58 and +994 2028 5 39 11

Gabala Diagnostic Treatment Center | Qəbələ Müalicə və Diaqnostika Mərkəzi

AZ3600 Gabala City, Abbas Sahhat Street, 2nd turn,

Phone: +994 2420 5 41 54

Sheki Regional Central Hospital | Şəki rayon Mərkəzi Xəstəxanası

AZ5500 Şəki, Babaratma, Məmməd Əmin Rəsulzadə 168A,

Phone: +994 2424 4 20 35


The organizer provides extra bins in start/finish areas, team parking areas and feeding zones of the race. All teams and riders must use these bins as well as help to keep the feeding zones clean after feeding. The riders should not throw away their drinking bottles or nutrition packaging.

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